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Over 200 of the UK’s largest businesses (including over half of the FTSE100) have already engaged with our collective aims to reduce carbon and restore nature in what we see as a decade of difference and joint action for the UK. These businesses from across a wide range of sectors employ nearly 5 million colleagues with a joint market cap of over £1.3trillion.

Many of these companies are working through a set of commitments we have asked them to make on carbon and biodiversity, and already over 40 companies have committed to carbon neutrality by 2040 or better and we have over 20 who have committed to biodiversity net gain. Ahead of COP26 in November 2021, and to show a collective UK commitment, other companies are encouraged to make their commitment here.

You can learn more about biodiversity net gain (a relatively new term) on our special Biodiversity page.

Ingleton Waterfall

A wide range of sectors are represented by companies who are making carbon and biodiversity commitments they include; Aerospace, business and professional services, Construction, Consumer goods, Electronics, Energy, Financial services, Information Technology, Media, Retailing, Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities.

Some of the companies already involved are;