Making Your Commitment

In the run up to COP26 and beyond we are asking the business community to commit to working with Government to deliver a green and resilient economy, aligning government policy and industrial scale to deliver ambitious environmental solutions - driving a ‘decade of difference’ for climate change and nature.

We recognise that this is profoundly complex subject so we have worked extensively with the experts to produce a manageable set of commitments that create truly impactful, time-bound change.

To understand how you can commit to good change in your business, please see below.

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Compelling reasons to make a commitment

Need more persuasion to make your commitment to a more sustainable future?

“Tackling climate change and the loss of nature is not just the right thing to do, the public want government and the private sector to do more. That’s an opportunity that neither can afford to miss. By turning targets into actions, we will be showing leadership, which is good for the economy and essential to the UK’s goal of inspiring global change at COP26.”

Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency and CSB member

We have a unique opportunity

With Sea turtles returning to the Bay of Bengal, a 25% reduction in carbon in China and improvements in air quality around the world, the pandemic has demonstrated the impact that changes in our lifestyle can make to the environment. It’s important we act now to re-engineer an economy that grows in the right way – a cleaner and greener way.

Our collective voice is powerful

This is a chance for UK business to position itself as a global leader in the green economy and to set the narrative around the positive actions we are taking, on a global stage.

We can build a better environment for future generations

By committing to and achieving our goals for a more sustainable future, we can be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.

We are responsible

Business is responsible for 18% of UK greenhouse gas emissions so it is up to us to take steps within our own organisations to reduce this percentage.

It impacts your bottom line

Climate change is a critical systemic risk both globally and nationally. This risk affects your shareholder returns so it is important to acknowledge, act on and mitigate this right now.

Show you care by making a commitment

It’s time to commit. We have created a simple list of steps your business could take to demonstrate its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving nature.


Join Race to Zero

Ensure the credibility of your net zero commitment by joining the Race to Zero campaign and, in so doing, meet a set of minimum criteria

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